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About ✔️RadixStake

RadixStake was started by Radix Ambassador TaserFace who brings over 20 years of experience​ to Radix managing servers, networks, and supporting clients. Taking care of delegators and the Radix network is his top priority. RadixStake is fully committed to ensuring that Radix succeeds in bringing DeFi into the global mainstream.

RadixStake has reliably served as a Radix Mainnet Validator, Olympia Betanet Validator, Stokenet Validator, and Cassandra Test Network node runner. Server uptime monitoring and notification systems are used to ensure validator node operations are always running optimally and with constant network connectivity.

RadixStake works with top-tier cloud infrastructure providers, like DigitalOcean & Linode to host primary validator and primary backup nodes. In addition, a secondary backup node is run in-house for extra failover redundancy.

Above and beyond the recommended hardware specifications set by the Radix Development Team, RadixStake has employed additional nodes and bandwidth upgrades to always ensure the best performance of our nodes. At all times RadixStake standby nodes are available to take over the validator role during periods of maintenance, attack, or internet outages. Our infrastructure reaches across North America utilizing different cloud providers for better protection against internet and datacenter issues.


RadixStake Validator Node Features:
-Started by TaserFace (Radix Ambassador)
-Over 20 years Server Admin Experience​
-Top Priority Delegators/Radix Network
-Absolutely Involved Online & In Person
-100% Committed to the Success of Radix

RadixStake Validator Node Framework:
-Qualified Server Experience​
-24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
-Using Premier Cloud Hosting
-Exceptional Hardware & Bandwidth
-Multiple Standby Backup Nodes
-Decentralized Infrastructure

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