The cutest & most savage meme coin on Radix 🐥 🔪

🎉 NEW Meme coin
About $DUCKK

$DUCKK is a fun, community powered memecoin. He may be small & fluffy but this ‘lil Duck is a born fighter. A true meme killa, he takes out weak memes one by one as he mercilessly battles his way up the charts to the very top…

But DUCKK only ever wants a fair fight. With a deep hatred of scams and rugpulls (in partnership with the Safe Memein’ tg group) DUCKK regularly raises the alarm about nefarious projects & scams to help protect the Radix community.

With a highly circulating supply, no insider presale holders, a dedicated well-known team with strong and deep roots in the Radix community, a based Dev and the initial liquidity burned when the coin was founded, DUCKK is a project you can believe in…

So join the fight, don’t fuckk with the DUCKK, and enjoy the best damn killa meme content on Radix… 🐥🔪

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