Abandoned Arena

An auto-battler game where you can use NFTs you own to duel other players

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About Abandoned Arena

Abandoned Arena is an upcoming competitive game that integrates with NFTs on the Radix DLT.

You will be able to use the Abandoned Scorpions NFTs you own to compete with others. Eventually, other NFTs will be supported as well.

The project was inspired by the fact that many NFT collections have great art and interesting vibes/communities, and have the potential to be used interoperably in dApps such as games. A 2D autobattler is a great way to add utility to not just Abandoned Scorpions but a whole suite of NFTs.

How will it work? You'll need to own (or "rent") a set of 5 NFTs to battle another person, and those NFTs will have abilities and stats derived from the traits of the NFTs. For an example of what the combat system could look like, watch a video of the game "Super Auto Pets" (just the combat, not the rounds of building a team).

There is also an associated token, $ARENA. $ARENA is a fungible token with a supply of 100,000 tokens, which were given away for free to radit users. 100% of the profit from the game, if any is made, will be distributed monthly to $ARENA holders. As the developer, who wants to have some profit as well, I hold, and will not dip below, half of the supply, unless it is to pay other developers or contributors. There is no *need* for this token to exist, I could just take 100% of the profits - however, I would like to have the opportunity to offer $ARENA in exchange for helping with the game - be it development, game design, art, music, translation, or anything else. I can't afford to pay people a salary, unfortunately, but having $ARENA is like having equity in the game.
Token RRI: arena_rr1qvz7p83cgpyffgy4rq9dmwntylmm2j0qvlgmca5sf3kqlu8p2p

The project's development is currently paused, as the only developer, @kfc_xrd, is currently working on a different project, and the features Babylon will bring will change the tech stack, so it makes sense to wait anyways. If you are interested in helping and speeding up development, don't hesitate to reach out.

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