Fully collateralized stablecoin on Radix with fiat on-/off-ramp

About Astrolescent

Astrolescent will launch a fully collateralized stablecoin on Radix, as well as a fiat on/off ramp.

The stablecoin will be named US Dollar by Astrolescent ($USDA) and will always be backed at a minimum of 1:1, and we will have proof of reserves on a consistent basis.

Besides the stablecoin, Astrolescent also runs the first DEX Aggregator on Radix, optimizing your trades
across the Radix Network. Astrolescent aggregates all liquidity from the top DEXes on Radix
to offer you the best deal and lowest price impact.

Token chart ($ASTRL)
Validator chart
Token stats
Validator details
Stake66,651,232 XRD
Owner stake98,983 XRD
Proposals missed22
Proposals completed97,384
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