Node of the Crumbs Ecosystem

About CrumbsNode

Our node is an integral part of the Crumbs ecosystem. Alongside our own DAO, we are developing a platform that enables other projects to bring their DAOs to life.

Benefits are one side – safety is the other: The CrumbsNode runs on a 24/7 monitored cluster with automatic backups. This means: In the rare case of failure, a swift failover can be applied. The Node is always up and running and is managed by two developers with great experience in running nodes on the Radix DLT Network.

Every staker receives a monthly $CRUMB Airdrop!

$CRUMB is the official governance token of the Crumbs ecosystem, the CrumbsUp platform and our own DAO. The token won't just grant voting power for DAO proposals, but will also play a central role in other future services we will provide.

Validator details
Name🍪 CrumbsNode 🍪
Stake55,170,704 XRD
Owner stake7,815 XRD
Proposals missed16
Proposals made894,384
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