DigiGulden, the new, trustless, permissionless and decentral payment system for the Dutch market.

About DigiGulden

The DigiGulden foundation's primary goal is to provide consumers and retailers with a fully decentralized, trustless, and permissionless payment option alongside the EURO. To achieve this objective, the foundation offers guidance and support to retailers on how to set up secure wallets, accept transactions, and exchange DigiGuldens to regular FIAT and vice versa.
To foster widespread adoption, the DigiGulden foundation aims to maintain price stability during certain periods by guaranteeing that DigiGuldens will be available for purchase at a fixed price through Dutch brokers, as outlined in their whitepaper.
Once 55% of all DigiGuldens have entered circulation, the foundation will halt any further token sales. Instead, the foundation will ensure a sustainable inflation rate of 1.5% annually for 40 years by offering free staking rewards to anyone who delegates stake to the DigiGulden validation server.
The Digigulden foundation plans to issue additional DigiGulden (dgulden) emissions for the next 40 years to individuals who delegate stake through this node. This is intended to promote a healthy inflation rate for DigiGulden and to show appreciation for the RADIX network, which enables DigiGulden to offer cost-effective, secure, and speedy transactions.
At this point, the price of the DigiGulden will be determined entirely by market forces, specifically supply and demand.
In summary, the DigiGulden foundation strives to make cryptocurrency usage accessible and straightforward while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project.

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Name🦁 DigiGulden
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