Experimental and community token to see if we can get to the top with just a crazy tokenomics.

🎉 NEW Meme coinToken
About HODL

💰 Tokenomics:
• 85% allready airdropped to $HUG, $EARLY, $MNI and $JIT token’s holders (screenshot 21 Jan 2024 21h UTC).
• 10% to provide liquidity on Ociswap.
• 5% to owner.

💵 Roadmap:
• Top 10 holders on 9 Feb 2024 21h UTC will receive 500 $XRD each.
• And if we win ociswap contest, there will be and adicional 500 $OCI for the top 20 holders. Screenshot will be taken at 21h UTC after receiving the price.

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