A dynamic tool for creating and executing Radix transaction manifests

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About Instruct

Instruct is a dynamic tool designed specifically for creating and executing Radix transaction manifests. With an intuitive interface, Instruct simplifies the process of manifest creation, allowing users to define even complex Radix transaction manifests with ease.

Key features of Instruct include:

Creating Manifests: Users can create complex Radix transaction manifests through a user-friendly interface, enabling both beginners and experts to craft their desired transactions without coding knowledge.

Persistent Storage: Instruct has the ability to store manifests persistently. This ensures that users can return to their work at any time without the risk of losing their progress, providing a seamless experience from session to session.

Executing Manifests and Viewing Results: Not only can users create and save their manifests, but they can also execute them against the Radix Mainnet and Stokenet. This feature allows users to test their manifests without switching to another tool, facilitating immediate feedback and iteration.

Address Management: Instruct offers comprehensive management of Radix addresses. Whether it's package addresses, component addresses, or resource addresses, users have the tools to efficiently keep track of the addresses they interact with.

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