Accelerator for Radix dApps & marketplace for Scrypto blueprints & audits

About launchspace

Building apps is hard, and building teams is harder. Our mission is to make building innovative apps and teams easy by connecting founders with developers, managing their projects, and handling transactions among team members.

1. Team Management
- Create an app profile & add admins/members/investors to assigned teams
- Admins assign projects, objectives, & tasks to members
- Admins add vesting schedules for members via on chain vesting contracts
- Investors fund project & vesting contracts

2. Project Management
- Admins create projects with objectives & tasks and assign both to members
- Distribute rewards to members based on contribution via on chain project contracts
- Completing projects adds reputation to a member's profile

3. Blueprint & Audit Projects Marketplace
- Blueprint & Audit project contracts are listed in the marketplace
- Developers/Companies submit proposals to take project contracts
- Selected developers/companies are added to the project/app teams

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