Meta Whale Circle

The Meta Whale Circle is a collection of 3'333 individual and handcrafted full-body 3D model 4K NFT whales on the Radix Ledger.

🎉 NEW MetaverseNFT
About Meta Whale Circle

Our goal is it to bring real art to the Radix Ledger and combine it with the right amount of utility, in order that every holder gets what he deserves: A unique NFT that is not only an awesome Profile Picture, but also a key to utility.
MWC has an own community vault, which belongs to the holders of the MWC NFT. The aim of the vault is to grow in value and provide a certain collateral behind the individual NFT. The vault holds a wide range of Blue Chip NFTs and a variety of different tokens of the Radix Ecosystem. Assets in the vault may be traded according to opportunities available. Additionally every holder will have access to his own 3D version of his NFT in form of a .fbx file. This 3D model can be used in videogames, videos or whatever else comes to your mind.

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