Radix Logical Moon

We're an Australian based validator currently in the top 100

About Radix Logical Moon

The team at Logical Moon are composed of two friends who are based out of Brisbane, Australia. We have been involved in the cryptocurrency scene since 2016 and have followed the Radix Project since December 2017. We both have extensive experience in delivering/maintaining enterprise grade solutions across a variety of industries and have a genuine passion for technology.

The validator nodes were brought to life in September 2021 and we were able to quickly establish ourselves into the top 100 having been involved in an early investment group for Radix. We have two nodes running on one of the top cloud providers. The nodes run in separate regions (one in the Australia South East Region and another in the Australia East region) to ensure we can offer high availability within Australia. We provide 24/7 support and leverage the alerting capabilities of our monitoring system to escalate any issues to our team. We constantly push to ensure the server is performant/secured and review/update our infrastructure regularly

We care about the network, the community and ultimately the Radix project as a whole. To achieve a truly decentralised network, it is important to ensure there are enough nodes globally available and with a spread of stake distributed adequately amongst them. For that reason if our node reaches 1% of total staked percentage, we will lock the node to ensure no further stakes are accepted. This strategy will remain in place for Logical Moon whilst we are in Olympia and will be re-evaluated in 2023 once Radix is fully sharded as part of Xi'an

Validator details
NameRadix Logical Moon
Stake3,020,146 XRD
Owner stake687 XRD
Proposals missed356
Proposals made43,108
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