A community run forum dedicated to everything regarding Radix DLT. Stay up to date with the Radix ecosystem, discover new project and join the community!

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About RadixTalk

RadixTalk is a community run forum about Radix DLT, the first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi.

The forum is targeted at:

Stakers and End Users: discover new upcoming projects and airdrops, discuss everything about the Radix ecosystem, learn how Radix works and join the community!

Developers: learn more about Scrypto and start building dApps, or learn how to master the API to maximize your project’s success.

Validators/Node Runners: promote your node and share tips with other node runners on how to create and safely manage your validator to maximize uptime. It’s also a great place for newbies to learn more about Radix, thanks to our powerful Docs, where you can find an answer to all your Radix related questions: https://radixtalk.com/docs

Join us and learn more about Radix DLT!

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