Multifunctional Naming System on Radix DLT providing human-readable addresses for easy access to content on the Web3 and unique identities.


RDX.DOMAINS is a brand-new domain name service available on Radix DLT. Its primary goal is to simplify the process of creating and sharing wallet account addresses by making them easier to read and remember. To achieve this objective, RDX.DOMAINS offers two types of domains - FREE and PREMIUM, based on their character length. The domains with over 10 characters are nearly free, while the ones below 10 characters become more premium as the number of characters decreases.

In addition to this, RDX.DOMAINS is launching with several new extensions such as .RADIX, .RDX, .WLT, .FOTON, .OCI, .DONATE, etc. and plans to introduce more extensions in the future. The community can also suggest new extensions via the website form.

The system also has plans to incentivize and support developers who wish to integrate the domains into their dApps. Through further integrations with dApps, the system aims to enhance its functionality and interoperability to better serve its users' needs.

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