Shardeez are "Sharded Blocks" on an eco-defense mission

About Shardeez

Which **Shardeez Defenders** are your jam?

**Arctic Defenders** – who are interested in all things Arctic – whether that’s the Northern Lights, Polar Bears, Solar Radiation Winds, and Sea Ice.

**Rainforest Defenders** – they preserve the rainforests and have conversations that matter around deforestation vs. preservation. They are concerned with what is happening in terms of species extinction and habitat loss.

**Ocean Defenders** – the Earth’s surface is mostly water, and the aquatic ecosystem needs to be attended to—from sea life and habitat, fishing, and pollution. Ocean Defenders are stewards of our oceans so that they can continue to support the planet’s life, as they’ve done so since the beginning.

We believe humanity is mostly in agreement on the above issues, so no finger pointing, but we represent systemic dangers and coordination failures as the **Shardeez Ecocidal Maniacs**: **Zombies**, **Skeletons**, **Evil Robots**, **Industrialists**, **Evil Alchemists**. The Maniacs thwart the efforts of the Defenders. Who will win?

A third group is the **Shardeez Degens**: **Shardo Punks**, **Cavemen** and **Radix Maxis**. Indifferent to everything except making memes, shitposting, and being “Maximalists.” They’re harmless and entertaining to watch. These NFT degens say, “Earth cool, but wen Moon 🌝🚀”

Which appeals to you? Collect yours and join in the action to defend ecosystems that make Earth a wonderful place for life.

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