Science and tech themed meme token in order to increase the popularity of Radix.

About SingularityX

SingularityX ($SINX) is a MEME token on Radix network, fueled by respect for technology and the radix ecosystem.

Our goal is to create a community that we can work with.
The phrase "to the moon" is deeply integrated into the crypto community, in this case it is based solely on speculation and greed.
But initially and literally it had a completely different meaning - an unstoppable thirst for knowledge and a fabulous ability to explore the unknown.
Something that is beyond the understanding of mankind.
Our mission is to change the mindset of the crypto community from speculative to generative.
So we decided to do it with knowledge and information sharing in the form of exciting and sometimes very funny conversations.

Our concept includes a charitable donation for the benefit of some scientific research. We would like the supported area to be related to web3 and/or space research.

We also created an NFT collection called Star Sailors Nation.

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