StakeSafe: Empowering a decentralized Radix ecosystem with high-performance nodes, secure staking, and dedicated professional support

About StakeSafe

StakeSafe employs a professional team of node-runners. We run our nodes on high performance, high availability servers in different datacenters and geographic locations ensuring best possible service levels. On top of that, we don’t use cloud services like Google or Amazon, as we believe it’s important for the network to push for decentralization. This makes the Radix network safer and improves availability. Staking at StakeSafe ensures your stake will contribute to the network safety while you don’t have to worry about your APY as you can simply count on a team of professionals to safeguard your investment.

All our hardware, configurations, and systems are customized to run Radix nodes with best-in-class performance. In the event of a failure with our validators, an automatic failover process is triggered, and our team is alerted within seconds to address the issue promptly.

Why should delegators stake with StakeSafe?
- We prefer to keep your finances carefree and flourish your stake in time. StakeSafe is a very stable node-runner company which has the sole purpose to keep our high availability services running at all times and be very transparent about our fee’s and future plans.
- Own dedicated hardware in three different availability zones
- Our unique tailor made configurations have been intensively tested since testnet
- Self developed monitoring & fully automatic fail-over system: we check for failures every second and our backup nodes are ready in case a validator goes down
- We care about the community and the network. We are active in the node-runners community to help other node-runners
- We share our network metrics at our Radix Network Dashboard to stimulate decentralization of the Radix network
- We openly display our network metrics on the Radix Network Dashboard to encourage and promote decentralization within the Radix ecosystem.

Validator details
NameStakeSafe Amsterdam
Stake60,359,143 XRD
Owner stake69,795 XRD
Proposals missed73
Proposals made1,612,295
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