The Radix Billboard

A modern take on the million-dollar homepage, running on Radix.

About The Radix Billboard

The Radix Billboard is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the Radix network. It features a 1250px by 800px grid that is divided into 10,000 blocks. Each block is represented as an NFT on the Radix network. Owners of these NFTs can customize their respective blocks by setting an image to be displayed on the grid, adding a title, and linking to a landing page. Blocks can also be combined into larger blocks or broken up into smaller ones.

We've designed the Radix Billboard to be an enjoyable platform where you can showcase yourself, your projects, or your services to the community. In doing so, we've taken great care to create a sustainable and long-lasting platform. That's why the Radix Billboard doesn't operate with a traditional backend and database. Instead, it uses the Radix network itself as its backend. Beyond that, the Radix Billboard consists only of statically hosted HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which is very affordable nowadays. Why should this be important to you? For two main reasons: first, we don't charge you an ongoing fee to use our platform; second, this model makes it economically viable for us to operate the Radix Billboard indefinitely.

This is also why we don't have tokenomics or a governance token. When you buy a block, it's yours - forever.

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