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About TrueVote

TrueVote offers flexible voting solutions with both public and private polling options.

Public Polls:
Public polls are open to everyone, ensuring transparency and inclusivity. Each account can cast one vote, making the process straightforward and fair.
Private Polls:
Private polls provide two options based on the type of resource used:

  • Fungible Resource: Each vote is represented by a token, which is burned in the voting process. This ensures the integrity of the vote count, as the token must be configured to allow burning.
  • Non-Fungible Resource: Ideal for scenarios where voting power needs to be reused in future polls. Here, the system verifies the proof of IDs without burning any tokens, maintaining the voting power for subsequent use.

TrueVote leverages the power of Radix to ensure secure, transparent, and flexible voting experiences. Join us on our mission to revolutionize voting.

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