Weft Finance

A user friendly and secure place for Asset Lenders and Borrowers Built on Radix

About Weft Finance

Weft Finance is a community governed lending and borrowing decentralized application. On one hand, lenders will be able to supply liquidity of listed assets and on the other hand, borrowers will be able to get loans and payback loans with interest. We plan to implement a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to manage the dApp at some point in the future.
At its core Weft Finance uses NFTs to represent collateralized debt positions and leverages the strengths of the Radix authorization model. With that, we can offer risk settings based on asset pairs, delegated collateral for uncollateralized loans with custom ceilings for each delegated loan, bundling loans and deposits for risk mitigation and flexible interest strategies that use the highly composable component system provided by Radix DLT

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